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Dronfield Junior School motto: acheiving whilst making learning fun

Year 3  Work and Activities


Year 3 term 1


Ocean Adventure


All aboard ‘The Year 3 DJS’ for our ‘Ocean Adventure’.

Are you ready to dive into the sparkling, diamond blue ocean?

The excitement is building in Year 3 as we wait for our visit to ‘The Deep’ at Hull where, as well as seeing a huge variety of colourful and weird and wonderful creatures, we hope to be lucky enough to observe the feeding of the sharks in their huge tank.  We also have the wonderful, playful penguins to look forward to and their spectacular diving skills.  Following the visit, the children will experience a range of English text genres and write their own amazing leaflets about ‘The Deep’, researching a multitude of sea creatures and then using their notes to create their own information texts. They will further improve their research skills when studying The Great Barrier Reef and add to their knowledge gleaned at ‘The Deep’.  The children will learn the importance of conserving this natural wonder of the world. Many of the year group will become experts on sea otters after reading Jill Tomlinson’s ‘The Otter Who Wanted to Know’.  All will take part in Drama activities and create their own character for the book.  Afterwards, the children will write a non-chronological report to share their wealth of knowledge and show just how much they had learnt about these marvellous marine animals. 


As scientists, we will learn about the seven life processes and sort things into living, once-living and never lived.  In addition, the children will research the medical names for the bones in the human body and explore how muscles allow us to move.  The forces of magnetism and friction will also be investigated linked to our ocean adventure topic.


In Art, the pupils will improve their observational art skills by closely drawing shells, coral and sea animals.  After studying work by Alexander Calder, the children will design their own sea creature mobiles, to be created in pairs, modelled in mesh, wire and a vast variety of other materials. 


A new voyage will then set sail in Year 3 with all the children and staff partaking in a pirate day!  Ooh argh, ye landlubbers! Prepare to walk the plank ye crew of scurvy seadogs! If our scurvy pirates are lucky enough, we may even make Captain Thomson walk the plank!


After that we will all set to work on the children’s narrative writing and watch snippets of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ to further hone their writing skills, leading onto the children creating their own pirate books to share with their friends.





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Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day.

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