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Year 4 Work and Activities


 Traders and Raiders


Our topic this term is Traders and Raiders, travelling back over 1,600 years to the Anglo Saxon and Viking periods. Whilst looking at village life during this time, we will also be considering the impact that their invasions had on how people lived. They will be taking on the roles of Romans and Anglo-Saxons in some drama work leading to a debate about whether they were right to settle, or not, and what could have been done to prevent it!


During our hook day we will become Anglo Saxons, including giving ourselves an Anglo Saxon name, and will re-enact a battle scene, complete with swords and shields! Creating our very own coat of armour will really help us to establish ourselves in our new roles! Taking our ideas from our hook day, we will then set off on a journey to write a story with a historical setting – focussing on giving clues to make the reader find out when it is set!


Art work will depict the stunning imagery of a Viking ship approaching the land, and we will use this to help us to begin to understand where the Vikings settled and how they travelled. Studying the local area, we will begin to realise how important the Viking era was, especially to the names of the places where we live today!


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