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Year 5 Children's Activities



“We are speaking to you from the Y5 classrooms at DJS to confirm that from 7th January 2019, a state of war will exist between England and Germany. Consequently, the children and their teachers will experience life as an evacuee, as they travel back in time to 1939. On our “Evacuation Day” the children, in their 1940s style clothes, will leave Dronfield with their teachers and travel to Skipton. During the train journey, the children will sketch the new animals and landscapes they observe and play a few games with their friends to divert their attention from missing their families. When they arrive in Skipton, they will meet their “host” family. Their day will conclude with them writing a letter home explaining how they found the journey and what their new family is like. We would like you, to write a reply letter back to your child.”


To help “hook” the children’s interest for the topic, they will be set a challenge to create a timeline of main events during World War II. They will research all these key events using laptops and reference books, which will enable the children to create their own timeline for this significant era.



Entwined within the topic will be English activities including: writing informal letters,  presenting persuasive arguments linked to World War II themes like the role of women and whether or not parents were right to evacuate their children and to write flashbacks of the main events of the gentleman in tehr animated film “The Piano”.


The topic will also explore the following themes linked to Life on the Home Front: air raid precautions, rationing, the Blitz and how the role of women changed during the war. Within the classroom situation, The Diary of Anne Frank will be used to sensitively introduce and discuss the Holocaust. Art activities like designing propaganda posters and silhouette Blitz scenes will assist in creating a stimulating and colourful environment for the children to work within. The children will become war-time engineers with the task of designing, making and evaluating the success of a bridge to transport necessary supplies during this troubled time and a crane to help lift and remove fallen debris.


A mini topic linked to the Home Front will be completed individually. The way to present their mini topic will be decided by the pupils themselves. Each child will present their findings to their peers; in the past we have found this to have been beneficial in improving children’s confidence.



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Our residential to Mount Cook.

Our residential to Mount Cook.

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