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Year 6 Work and Activities


Welcome to Year 6!


Chocolate and the Mayans


This term the Y6s will venture from the depths of the Central American rainforest to the inventing rooms of the Wonka chocolate factory. This began with the fornight long Chocolate Enterprise project in which children designed and created their own chocolate companies and products. They then had to present their work to a panel of fierce judges. 

In our writing, we begin with writing about the journey of the golden ticket winners through the Wonka factory from different perspectives. Perhaps Willy Wonka is an ecentric chocolatier, or a sinister mastermind. Following diary writing about some of the unsavoury incidents which occur in the factory, we will re-write the story for an older audience. 

This narrative will be aimed at a teenage reader, and children will work on including themes and characters which will give the story, and their writing, a more mature and creepy feel. 

Following our ficition work, we will then move onto producing a report about the Mayans showcasing all we have learnt about their way of life. Children will have the chance to produce longer pieces of independent writing during these lessons. 

In topic, we will look at the the origins of chocolate and the ancient Mayan civilisation. We will follow in the footsteps of the adventurers who discovered the ruins of the civilisation hidden deep in the heart of the rainforest. We will learn about the ancient way of life, their sports and their sacrifices.

Linked to the rainforests, during science we will be looking at the adaptation and evolution of different animals. We will research the animals and plants of Central America to prepare an adventurer for a visit. We will then look at the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin, and attempt to recreate his famous discoveries about finches, before eventually desigining our own animals with individual adaptations.  

Our P.E. units continue outdoors with Real P.E. and gymnastics for our indoor lessons. 




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Y6 Hook day.

Y6 Hook day.

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