Curriculum Overview

Vision – Our school vision is to ensure that all learners achieve their potential through the broad curriculum and extra-curricular activities we offer.  High expectations are non-negotiable and are evidenced through everyday life at school together with more formal monitoring activities.  The vision's fundamental aim is to raise standards across all areas of school life.  We seek to develop each individual as a whole to ensure that when they leave Dronfield Junior School, they are a resilient, well-rounded citizen with a strong moral purpose. 


Our curriculum is skills based and knowledge rich.  We want to produce exceptional outcomes whilst developing children’s independence, curiosity, resilience and creativity.  We want to produce collaborators, leaders and innovators that have a thirst for life-long learning.  We want our pupils to understand their own emotional health and wellbeing and how address their own happiness.  We are continuing on our journey to build, adapt, review and refresh our curriculum so that it addresses the needs and aspirations of our pupils.  Our curriculum will inspire our pupils to develop deeper thinking skills so they learn to question, reflect and innovate.  Our pupils will be the voices of the future and we want them to leave us as confident, caring individuals that want to make a difference to future society.   


  • 08:40 PM - Mon 9 May Dronfield Parish Young Voices are looking to build back their Junior Choir. All children in Years 3-7 are welcome. Mondays 5.45 - 7pm in Dronfield Civic Hall. A great opportunity to have fun while learning to sing and read music.
  • 08:45 PM - Thu 5 May A big thank you to - our Y4s had a great time taking part in orienteering. They demonstrated excellent team work navigating different courses using maps as well as taking part in a 'map symbols relay'. Well done Y4s, you represented our school brilliantly.
  • 08:04 AM - Thu 5 May Our ECO committee would like you to sign up for the Greenpeace Big Plastic Count on 16-22 May 2022. Sign up, count your plastic for one week and together let’s gather the evidence we need to tackle the plastic crisis.
  • 08:01 AM - Thu 5 May Two-thirds of the world uses the internet – so how can we ever be lonely online? 🌎💻 In support of next week's , we’ve compiled young people’s thoughts on online loneliness in a special guide. Download >>
  • 06:05 PM - Mon 2 May “National Online Safety reacted to your message” ❤👍 Group chats are an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family – but how safe are they for children and young people? Our guide looks at the risks 📱 Download >>