Year 3

Spring 2021

Explore Project: Do we truly appreciate what we've got?

Autumn 2021

Discover Project: What does it mean to be powerful?

Our project for this term is The Roman Empire.  We will be discussing the concept of power and what it is and how it was used within the Roman Empire as well as making links to the wider world we know today.  Your children will be discussing and debating what impact power can have on the concepts of loyalty, equality and fear.  As good historians they will be analysing and questioning primary and secondary sources, interpreting bias and constructing timelines of key events including: the beginning of Rome; the Senators and Julius Caesar; Gladiators and the Colosseum; Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii; the Roman army and the invasion of Britain; the impact of the Romans on British civilization and the fall of the Roman Empire.

During our project, pupils will be visited by our local historian, The History Van, who will share wonderful Roman artefacts and share fascinating facts about their daily life.  Throughout the project, we will be making links to our project question and analysing where power can be seen in the Roman Empire.  We will also be using these concepts to make cross-curricular links in Geography, Art and design, Design Technology, RE and Science.  By the end of the autumn term, your child will be a critical-thinking historian who will be able to impart key knowledge to amaze you and all the family!

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  • 10:11 AM - Wed 21 September Year 6 Open Evening, next Thursday 22nd September, 6pm. For Year 7 starting September 2023.
  • 10:10 AM - Wed 21 September The Rotary Club of Dronfield are holding a concert in aid of our friends from Ukraine. What a great way to spend an evening.
  • 09:15 AM - Mon 19 September The funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II. “… let us in our hearts and minds recall our many reasons for thanksgiving, pray for all members of her family, and commend Queen Elizabeth to the care and keeping of almighty God” (taken from the Order of Service)
  • 12:14 PM - Sun 18 September The TikTok Checklist from provides information such as: - What is TikTok? - How to stay safe on TikTok? - How to set up the parental controls? - How to block users on TikTok? - Where can I go for further support? Download for free here: