Year 6

Spring 2021

Explore Project: Do you need wealth to deal with adversity?

Autumn 2021

Discover Project: Is life easier when we do what we are told?

Our project for this term is The Ancient Greeks.  We will be discussing the concepts of democracy and government, and how it was used within Ancient Greece as well as making links to the wider world we know today.  Your children will be discussing and debating what impact democracy can have on the concepts of fairness, free will and individuality.  As good historians they will be analysing and questioning primary and secondary sources, interpreting bias and constructing timelines of key events including: the beginning of Greece; the battle of Marathon; the invasion of Greece by Persia; founding of the Olympic games; war between different Greek city states; the establishing of the first Athenian democracy; impact of the Greeks on modern civilisation and the fall of Ancient Greece.

Throughout the project, we will be making links to our project question and analysing how giving everyone a voice influenced the lives of Ancient Greeks. We will also be using these concepts to make cross-curricular links in Geography, Art and design, Design Technology, RE and Science.  By the end of the autumn term, your child will be a critical-thinking historian who will be able to impart key knowledge to amaze you and all the family!