Spanish and Music


Hola chicos.  ¿Qué tal? 

You are all making such good progress with your Spanish, so it would be great if you could keep it going during this period of home-schooling.  ¡Por favor!

Even if there is no one in your house who speaks Spanish, there are some great free apps and websites out there to help you to revise the language you've already studied, or learn brand new vocab.  My favourites are:

  • Learn Spanish (app)
  • Duolingo (app)
  • BBC bitesize KS2 Spanish
  • Lightbulb languages
  • Quizlet

Shortly, I will add links to the year groups below, so that you can see details of the language studied so far, and further ideas for Spanish activities you might want to try at home.  Mrs De Almeida would love to see photos of anything you produce on Class Dojo!

Year 3 Spanish

Year 4 Spanish

Year 5 Spanish

Year 6 Spanish


While you're working from home, have a go at some of the musical activities below.  Mrs De Almeida would love to see videos, photos or audio recordings of anything you produce!  Please send via Class Dojo. 


If you play an instrument, you’ll have lots of extra time to practise!  Over the next few weeks, practise two or three pieces regularly til you have really perfected them.  Then, invite family or friends to a virtual concert – use Skype / Zoom / Facetime to play for them!  You could even design a concert programme.  



If you don’t play an instrument, but have one lying around at home, why not take this opportunity to learn to play it?  If no one can teach you, have a look at on-line tutorials.  See if you can learn to play one or two simple pieces. 



Have a go at making your own instrument using household junk.  This could be an untuned instrument (like a drum / maraca / shaker) or a tuned instrument which can play different notes (like a guitar or panpipes).  See if you can play a tune and get others to guess what it is.



Phone some of your older relatives and ask them about their favourite pieces of music; why do they like the piece so much?  When did they first hear it?  What / who does it remind them of? Now listen to it carefully yourself, without distractions.  What do you think? 



Spend some time listening to a genre of music that you have never really come across (some ideas could be jazz / blues / opera / folk / reggae).  What are the main features of this style of music?  Who are famous artists of that genre? What do you think of it?


Look up Ollie Tunmer’s excellent ‘Beat Goes On’ videos on line* and learn some great body percussion skills!

Perform for your family!  Can you teach them something that you learnt?


Try to get to grips with some fun (and free!) music-making apps like Garage Band (Apple devices), Audacity, or Chrome Music Lab.  Practise layering up different sounds and creating effects.  Can you produce the next big hit?!  




Research a famous composer (eg, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Gershwin, Klara Schumann, etc) and produce an information poster about him / her, giving important biographical details and dates.  Make sure you listen to some of his / her music!


Write a song or rap about something you feel strongly about.  You could borrow a famous melody, or write your own tune too.  If you’re feeling really adventurous, add in some actions or dance moves.  Now perform it for your family!


*The link is:

It’s well worth a look and a go!

Mrs Lunn's class are learning to play the clarinet with Mrs Taylor. Mrs Taylor has given some ideas for children in Mrs Lunn's clsass to continue their learning of the clarinet (click here).

Also, if you fancy a sing, please check out the Sing Up website's Home Schooling Area for free content!