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Dronfield Junior School
Reaching Potential

Our School Curriculum

The Vision for our Curriculum at Dronfield Junior School

  • We want to see all our pupils thrive as successful learners academically and socially through high quality teaching and an enriched, skills based and knowledge rich curriculum.
  • We want to produce exceptional outcomes whilst developing children’s independence, curiosity, resilience and creativity. 
  • We aim to meet to the needs of all learners in our curriculum, challenging them and enabling them to think critically and problem solve.
  • We want our curriculum to inspire our pupils to develop deeper thinking skills so they learn to question, reflect and innovate. We want to produce collaborators, leaders and innovators that have a thirst for life-long learning. 
  • We aim to develop, independent, thinking pupils who are ambitious, emotionally equipped and confident to make good life choices.
  • We want our pupils to understand their own emotional health and wellbeing and how address their own happiness.  
  • We encourage our pupils to relate well to one another with confidence, respect openness and care.


We continually look to adapt, review and refresh our curriculum so that it addresses the needs and aspirations of our pupils. We appreciate that our pupils will be the voices of the future and we want them to make a difference to future society.    


Our curriculum is best explained through the answers to the questions below:

Intent: What should pupils know by the time they leave Dronfield Junior School?

Implementation: How do we teach our curriculum?

Impact: How do we know how well our pupils have leaned the curriculum?


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