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Discover Project (History Driver)

“Is life easier when we do what we are told?”

Through studying the Ancient Greeks, we will be discussing the concepts of democracy and government, and how it was used within Ancient Greece as well as making links to the wider world we know today.  We will be discussing and debating what impact democracy can have on the concepts of fairness, free will and individuality. 

As good historians we will be analysing and questioning primary and secondary sources, interpreting bias and constructing timelines of key events including: the beginning of Greece; the battle of Marathon; the invasion of Greece by Persia; founding of the Olympic games; war between different Greek city states; the establishing of the first Athenian democracy; impact of the Greeks on modern civilisation and the fall of Ancient Greece.

Throughout the project, we will be making links to our project question and analysing how giving everyone a voice influenced the lives of Ancient Greeks.

By the end of the autumn term, your child will be a critical-thinking historian who will be able to impart key knowledge to amaze you and all the family!

Y6 Autumn Parents' Leaflet

Y6 Autumn Homework


Explore Project (Geography Driver)

"Do we need wealth to deal with adversity?"

Through learning about natural disasters and weather phenomena, we will be focusing initially on volcanoes, earthquakes and flooding.  To help focus our discussions, we will look at ourselves as wealthy, and whether we have faced adversity in our lives.

As effective geographers, we will analyse human and physical features. We will begin looking at volcanoes and how they were created, focusing on The Ring of Fire. We will focus on using specific geography terminology and then move onto earthquakes. We will compare the effects of an earthquake on an economically developed country to a country which is less developed. This will link back to our work on how wealth helps us deal with different weather phenomena.

Following our work on earthquakes, we will then look at tsunamis. We will encourage the children to lead this learning and ask the classes which natural disasters they might want to do further research into.

We will learn map skills to analyse how height and distance is represented on a different maps.

By the end of the spring term, we hope be a creative and evaluative geographers who will be confident to share their learning with you!

Y6 Spring Parents' Leaflet

Y6 Spring Homework


Create Project (Arts Driver)

What is the legacy we leave?

Through our project on William Shakespeare, we will be focusing predominantly on the play ‘Macbeth’.  To help focus our discussions, we will be basing learning around key concepts and asking children to think about their own legacy.

As good artists, they will be analysing and evaluating artwork created by others. We will begin looking at portraits and the medium of pencil sketching. We will focus on using specific artistic terminology and will move through different styles of art throughout the topic.

We will work through a series of drama lessons resourced from the RSC to gain a better understanding of Macbeth and use an accompanying series of music lessons also linked to the play.

Throughout the project, we will also be working with charcoal, pastels and paint. We will look at artists who specialise in these mediums and learn different skills for each such as blending or shading. We will then use our new skills to create a fresh piece of art linked to the story of Macbeth. 

By the end of the summer term, we hope your child will be a creative and evaluative artist who will be confident to share their work with you!

Y6 Summer Parents' Leaflet

Y6 Autumn Homework