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Physical Education

"The only person who can tell you 'You can't win' is you and you don't have to listen."

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Our Physical Education Lead is Mr R Hands

Physical Education Intent

At Dronfield Junior School, we aim to:

  • Provide and encourage the opportunity for all pupils to have the skills required to be a Sportsperson in order to involve themselves in Physical Education.
  • Provide opportunity for pupils to discover an interest and demonstrate their talents in Physical
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to explore physical situations unknown to them.
  • Allow pupils to have the opportunity to explore different skills and it encourage them to seek these skills in a wider environment.
  • Inspire a love and curiosity of PE in all pupils that spans a range of aspects; including, Dance, Games, Gymnastics, OAA, Athletics and Swimming.
  • Encourage pupils to understand the notion and aspect of competitions within the school and outside of the school.
  • Understand that their gender does not define their ability in a particular sport or skill.
  • Give the opportunity for all pupils to be able to learn new skills and perform these at a competitive level.
  • Widen pupils' knowledge terms of technical vocabulary.
  • Encourage pupils to stay active and healthy in a variety of ways (healthy eating, being active 1 hour daily, active travel)

Physical Education Implementation

  • Every class is timetabled for two 1-hour PE sessions per week. This includes one session in the school hall ( indoor PE) and one session outside (outdoor PE).
  • Partnerships with SHAPE Learning Partnership to allow competitive opportunities within sports.
  • A range of equipment that can be suitably designated to each unit of PE.
  • Applications of skills to game and competitive situations within each year group.
  • Follow a clearly sequenced and progressive program of study (REAL PE) based on the National Curriculum objectives through the use of the long term plans
  • Encouragement to play fairly and with respect.
  • All pupils to have access to a wide variety of sports and units within PE.
  • High quality teaching that is appropriately pitched to individuals.
  • For outside agencies to teach specialist units of PE e.g. specialist dance teacher to deliver National Curriculum dance objectives linked to Year group topics.
  • Bronze Ambassadors and play leaders organising activities at lunch times and active brain breaks delivered in class.
  • Year 5 pupils are taught swimming at Dronfield Sports Centre for 30 weeks a year in order to achieve the National Curriculum objective of swimming 25m by the end of Key Stage 2.

Physical Education Impact

  • Pupils discover new interests and talents.
  • Pupils have widened their vocabulary and use descriptive language in response to PE.
  • Pupils confidently apply their Sports knowledge to other areas of learning and outside interests.
  • Pupils have developed good sportsmanship within PE.
  • Pupils enjoy taking part in lessons and are confident to demonstrate their skills.
  • Pupils demonstrate a love or appreciation of PE and talk confidently about it.
  • Pupils are prepared for the next stage of their Physical learning.
  • Pupils have the ability to analyse skills and offer constructive criticism.
  • Pupils are more aware of how to stay active and ultimately live a healthy lifestyle, achieved through targeted approaches to those individuals who are not fulfilling the Government’s recommendations for being physically active.

Physical Education progression map